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Employment Program

Since its inception in 2006, the U.S. Probation Officer’s Offender Employment Program has strived to meet the many needs of our offender population, including job placement assistance, job readiness training, and vocational and educational referrals. The U.S. Probation Office takes a proactive approach to offender employment. Starting while the offenders are incarcerated, the Offender Employment Team participates in mock job fairs and pre-release classes to educate the inmates about services and resources available to them pon their release. The Offender Employment Team also conducts monthly workshops at the Residential Re-Entry Centers (RRC’s) in Philadelphia for inmates who are releasing to the community within the next six months. Upon release, the Offender Employment Team works with offenders both in group employment classes and individually to assess each offender’s needs and make appropriate referrals to community agencies, including PA CareerLink, PhilAbundance, the National Comprehensive Center for Fathers, the Pennsylvania Prison Society, Connections Training Services, and many other programs. If you are an ex-offender and would like more information about the benefits of hiring ex-offenders, please contact Offender Employment Specialists Jennifer McGary at 267-299-4533.


Carrer One Stop Overview of Services

Americas Virtual One-Stop consists of these complementary Web-based services offered free to the public by the U.S. Department of Labor. As a family of services, users gain easy access to a comprehensive range of resources and information on career development, training and education, employment, and occupational and economic trends.

Americas Job Bank (AJB)

AJB is the largest and most frequently visited job bank in cyberspace. Visited by more than 10 million job seekers and employers every week, AJB posts job openings nationwide. All different types of jobs, from sales clerks to information technology positions, are listed by major corporations and small businesses. Both employers wishing to list their openings, and job seekers looking for their next position will find this service useful.

Americas Career InfoNet (ACINET)

ACINET accesses national and state-level occupational and economic trends data compiled by the National and State Occupational Information Coordinating Committees. Both job seekers and employers can use this service to find out about job market and employment trends such as what occupations are growing or shrinking, which labor markets are strong or weak, average wages and salaries paid by type of occupation, or what kind of training is needed to qualify for various jobs.

Americas Service Locator (ASL)

This webpage allows our customers to find the nearest physical site at which a service they seek is provided. The user can enter his or her zip code and then describe the kind of service they are interested (or pick from a pre-established list of common services, e.g., training, job search assistance, counseling, child care, etc., and the system will identify and display information about the nearest provider (physical service delivery point) to that customer's zip code that offers that service. This is a GIS system, and hence will also offer the customer the ability to print a map that shows point to point directions for getting from their address to the address of the service provider, including the use of public transportation.


Introducing America's Jobline

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One Stop Delivery Partners

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Vets Facts Sheet

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Website Database

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