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Drug Testing


These instructions apply if your probation officer has informed you that you are required to participate in our Random Urine Testing (RUT) Program. In order to notify you that a drug test is scheduled, we utilize a telephone answering service. You will be instructed when to report for drug testing via a recorded telephone message.

You must call in DAILY, MONDAY THROUGH FRIDAY (FEDERAL HOLIDAYS EXCLUDED), regardless of when you were last tested, since “back-to-back” testing is sometimes required.

        The telephone number is: (267) 299-4514

The daily call-in hours are from 6:00pm to 3:00pm (the next day), Sunday through Friday. If the line is busy when you call, simply hang up and try again later. The message is short. Be sure to call during the indicated time and be sure to listen to the complete message. We record each day’s message and maintain a permanent record of those offenders who were instructed to report. DO NOT LEAVE ANY MESSAGE WHEN YOU CALL. To avoid using names, each offender is assigned a unique color code.

        YOUR COLOR IS assigned to you by your probation officer.

When your specific color is mentioned, you are to report to the US Probation Office, 600 Arch Street, Suite 2400, Philadelphia, PA on the specified date and between the hours stated on the recording. You must produce photo identification in order to be tested. Failing to report or cooperating in the drug test is a violation of your supervision conditions. If you find that the system is inoperative, call your probation officer before 10:00am the next morning.