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OF 306 Declaration for Federal Employment

AO 78 Employment Application


Officer Positions

The selection process for officers coincides with the fiscal year for the federal government (October-September). Several weeks prior to the start of the fiscal year, a job announcement is advertised/circulated seeking resumes from qualified candidates. To qualify for the position of U.S. Probation Officer, a person must possess a Bachelor’s degree in related subject/category and two years of directly related experience (or Master’s degree); must be less than 37 years of age. Preferred skill fluent in Spanish. Resumes are only accepted during the open period of the announcement. Those applicants selected for screening undergo a two-step interviewing process and written test. Thereafter, a list is developed of potential appointees for the fiscal year. Our officers are classified as hazardous duty, invoking certain mandates.


  • Appointment must occur prior to the applicant’s 37th birthday since retirement is mandatory upon reaching the age of 57.
  • A medical exam and a drug test is required prior to appointment, random urinalysis occur during an officer’s career.
  • Appointment requires approval of the federal judges in our district. Appointments are provisional until favorable background investigation is conducted by the Offices of Personnel Management (OPM). Reinvestigations by OPM occur during an officer’s career at five year intervals.
  • Officers are required to attend a six week training course at the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center in Charleston, SC.


Non-Officer Positions
Various support, administrative, and IT positions are advertised as vacancies occur and minimum requirements are contingent on the respective duties and responsibilities.


Reference Material

  • Policy Statement - Internships
  • US Probation and Pretrial Services System
  • Officer’s Medical Requirements
  • Roles of Probation Officers


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